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The world of financial services, money management, liberation, choice and freedom is now with us. Our groundbreaking solution LIBER8 is delivering world changing financial digitisation.

Future Ready Business Technology

Enginef is a future-ready business technology provider. We produce Saas based cloud banking and core business technology. We reduce your costs and increase your speed to market, as well as minimising the risks associated with an investment in modern digital transformation solutions.

Through our technology, experience and customer understanding, we offer the very best in core banking solutions, the very latest in ‘customer first’ financial services Saas technology, and future safe, highly configurable core business solutions, built with banking grade cloud technology.



We understand
today’s customers

We understand customers

If you understand the current and future needs of your customers, then you can plan the technology required to deliver on those needs and gain a significant competitive edge.

Our customer-first approach, driven by exclusive tools that map customer needs, makes us more future-ready than any other provider.

We pioneer
tomorrow’s technology

We pioneer technology

We’ve developed a series of ‘Technology Hubs’ which are designed to be completely configurable and customisable. Each suited to certain business streams and all cover a full-range of FinTech functions.

Designed with compliance at its core, our ‘Hubs’ can be integrated into your systems to transform your business processes in weeks not months or years.

We know
financial services

We know financiual services

The team at Enginef has over 100 years experience managing large-scale banking and financial projects. And we’ve introduced new technologies into emerging and established markets worldwide.

We understand the business world you operate in and know how to deliver what you need.

Crystalizing over three decades of experience working with some of the world’s most demanding and respected financial institutions, we’ve been working to develop a new vision for money management.

That work will soon be unveiled in the form of our new platform IP which we refer to internally as the “Liber8 platform”, a new fresh take on financial services that breaks free from the “copycat” nature of the Fintech ecosystem.

Our goal is singular: transformative thinking and the creation of a new platform that changes how we manage money in the 21st Century.

The engines of the future

Our ‘Engines of the Future’ are cloud based Saas solutions, born out of the very latest in core banking technology. Our hub solutions support the digital transformation of any business, across a wide range of systems, services, APIs and partners to deliver future-ready core business solutions that are agile, secure and fast to deploy.

Banking Hub

Banking Hub

Resequencing the DNA of digitised Financial Services technology to build a new, open ecosystem powered by APIs and Microservices to deliver customer first experiences.

Finance Hub

Lending Hub

Our Lending Hub solution covers Salary Access products to make it easier and fairer for your customer to gain financial wellbeing and happiness. As well as mainstream future proof financial services products.

Payment Hub

Finance Hub

We help the unbanked population of the world, get banked. We offer a core banking grade, cloud-based, mobile banking solution for financial institutions of emerging markets to utilise to help bank the unbanked.

Block Hub

Digitisation Hub

Helping you to streamline and automate your business through a series of comprehensive,  constantly evolving and highly flexible, APIs to connect your services and microservices.

Health Hub

Health Hub

Our Health Hub offers powerful integrations for wearable health tech apps, adding financial services tools to improve the product reach and functionality and to reward healthy lifestyle choices.

Automotive Hub

Automotive Hub

Revolutionising the entire car purchase industry. Making the whole experience as instant, seamless, traceable and as enjoyable as possible.

Pioneering solutions that our customers love

Neyber, now part of Salary Finance Limited used our Lending Hub to support and serve their Salary Access product, based on a customised App that we built for this new initiative in only a few weeks.  So impressed with the acceleration, the scope was expanded to cover access to the company’s entire product set.

Click on the video to watch them tell you all about their experience of working with Enginef.

Bright Sparks
Mark Allcock Founding Investor Enginef

Mark Allcock

Founding Investor – Enginef

Bright Sparks

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