About Us Enginef

Enginef enables your business not simply to be the service provider your customers need, but to be the business your customers want and will continue to value tomorrow.

A business whose services adapt and grow, as your customers adapt and grow.  A business which can anticipate the financial services needs of your customers and importantly deliver against their future needs. Put simply, Enginef builds future-ready business technology, so that you can provide leading-edge customer experience that ultimately builds customer loyalty to your brand. To find out more about us why not ask for a demonstration of our Business Hubs.

Customer First Experience CX

Positive customer experience is now a fundamental to success in business.

If you don’t start by understanding the real needs and the coming needs of your customers, your technology can never be as good as it should be. It will never be truly fit for purpose.  The quality of a customer’s experience is predicated on engagement, relevance and efficiency. This means having the insight and intuition to offer what customers really want now or are going to want in the future and having the capability and technology to create differentiating digital experiences that are agile, immediate and efficient… and maybe even fun!

Digital Transformation DX Interfaces applications

It is no longer a matter of purely transforming long-established financial services systems to slick digital interfaces and applications.

We are at a time when the priority has to be addressing the agenda of your customer preferences and lifestyles, by creating future-ready platforms with the flexibility to meet self-defined requirements, effectively delivering mass-customisation of financial services. And these platforms will have to evolve and innovate fast to meet with customers continuously changing expectations.  For the banking industry, the increasing focus on customer ‘Experience’ is adding yet another layer of difficulty to the huge challenges in the digital transformation of operational systems. Enginef is a unique offering in the FinTech marketplace and is driven by a bold belief in radical and purposeful change, but with a full appreciation of the many almost intractable complexities now faced by business.

Anticipate customer needs with Enginef

Enginef realised that to serve customers effectively, it’s not enough to have strong digital capability and to know the financial services industry from the inside.

You have to have the awareness and intuition to anticipate accurately the ever-changing, ever-growing requirements of customers.

So, Enginef offers high technical capability, deep expertise in financial services (and its regulatory framework) and strong, intuitive insight into customer experience needs. At its core there’s a unique, modular technology platform which we call the ‘Engine of the future’. With these assets, Enginef has the technology and the vision to anticipate future need for CEOs to truly delivering the future, today.

The Enginef multinational leadership team

Roger Portnoy Head of Markets Strategy Enginef

Roger Portnoy

Head of Markets Strategy

20+ years digitisation
Smart contracts
Financial wellbeing

Andreas Schwarz Investor Enginef

Andreas Schwarz

Advisory Board Member

20+ years private banking
Sovereign funds

Mark Allcock Founding Investor Enginef

Mark Allcock

Founding Investor

20+ years in private & retail banking
cards, wallets, payments, Fintech

David Page Chief Operating Officer Enginef

David Page

Advisory Board Member

20+ years strategy implementation
Client management

Enrico Golia Investor Enginef

Enrico Golia

Advisory Board Member

20+ years diversified education, retailing and technology experience

Tony Leigh EMEA Delivery Partner Enginef

Tony Leigh

EMEA Delivery Partner,
Investor Group

20+ years financial, mortgage, migration, telco, emerging markets experience

Carl Chessum DX Strategist Chief Marketing Officer Enginef

Carl Chessum

Advisory Board Member

20+ years digital transformation
digital marketing & solutions implementations

Bright Sparks
Mark Allcock Founding Investor Enginef

Mark Allcock

Founding Investor – EngineF

Bright Sparks

Could you be a Bright Spark? Are you one of the leaders in your field? Do you have specialist ideas or insights you want to share about the world of business transformation?

Enginef are looking to collaborate with the very best in all our industries.  We want to help build out the best tool kit to use to help everyone on their transformation journeys.  To start with, we need to start with the correct narrative. And that is where you come in, the more voices the more debates the more insights, the faster we we can build you the best routes to success in the this fast paced world.

Please register to join our Bright Sparks Community, for lively debates, intriguing firesides, and insightful presentations from the best minds in our industries.