Health Hub

Health Hub

We’ve created Health Hub as a powerful middleware to link personal activity data from wearable tech apps to all companies and employers to reward customers and employees who take care of their minds and bodies through healthy lifestyle choices with financial incentives.

A growing demand for health apps

With over 2.9 billion Smart phone users worldwide, who spend 90% of their screen time using Mobile Apps, the demand for health-linked apps is soaring. And it’s not just younger people who are getting on the Health & Fitness App band wagon, people of all ages are using wearable tech to manage their ‘Healthstyles’.

2.9 billion

Smart phone users worldwide spend 90% of their screen time using Mobile Apps.

Health Hub

Health & Fitness Apps


of adults use Health & Fitness
Apps regularly



prefer Apps that turn tasks into enjoyable game experiences needs

Active Empty Nesters


of people aged 55-65 use
free apps

Health Hub Apps that last a lifetime

The aim of our Health Hub technology is to help people form healthy habits that change their lifestyle and improve their wellbeing. We know people have problems sticking to a routine (we all do) – and this expectation is built in our middleware that powers technology like the X-Wrist App algorithm.

Measuring pure data is not enough. Users value Health Apps that intelligently build fun engagement, weekly summaries about activities, ranking by age groups, progress indexes, colour-coded graphics about performance levels and challenge events can deliver gamification that builds engagement. Even turns healthy habits into very healthy addictions.

We do all the heavy lifting, so you can simply help your customers and employees to build new health style habits that will last a lifetime.

Better night sleep

Better night’s sleep

Apps to track light and deep sleep, record if you snore, if you talk in your sleep or have sleep abnormalities and wake you up at the best possible time with its intelligent alarm.

Staying fit and active

Staying fit & active

Fitness and activity trackers, 10,000-steps-a-day goal and wearables gadgets have become a part of our more active life. Our apps do more than just track activity tracker they create colourful graphics to help you figure out the best ways to keep your body fit and healthy.

Healthy Heart healthy minds

Healthy hearts, healthy minds

Your heart, this fist-sized powerhouse beats 100,000 times per day – about 60 to 100 times each minute, pumping five to six quarts of blood each minute. Smart gadgets can track and analyse your heart’s health, to predict and even prevent serious heart conditions.

less stress more mindfulness

Less stress, more mindfulness

We now recognise that managing stress is vital to health. Our technology can monitor and help people to effectively reduce stress level and plan time for meditation, which has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression, and anxiety.

Pioneering Health Hub Technology

We have built some of the foremost fitness technology in the market place. If you are thinking about creating a health based product. Let us show you how fast, easy and cost effective our Health Hub technology is to work with.

X-Wrist wearable tech and Enginef

Together Enginef and X-Wrist, built the first wearable health tracking technology. By linking it to traditional financial services, the app was able to offer its customers financial incentives for making healthy decisions on their lifestyle.


1. Understand

Understand monitoring analysing health data

Constantly monitoring and analysing the data from your everyday life, the app builds out interesting correlations about your activity and your life, you may discover going out helps you sleep. Who Knew?

2. Educate

Educate analyse beter outcomes

The algorithm in the app analyses why your mind and your body prefer some workouts over others, what suggestions or stimuli you prefer and then uses that to improve the interaction you have, you get a better experience and a healthier outcome.

3. Improve

Improve achieve your goals

Using the analysed data, its intelligent motivation enhancement algorithm helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Without having you jump through more hoops than you’d like to.